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Cold Chain Technologies Announces Regional Manufacturing of CCT Thermal Covers in Montevideo (Uruguay)

FRANKLIN, Mass., June 10, 2022 — Cold Chain Technologies, LLC (“CCT” or “Company”), a leading global provider of thermal packaging solutions for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products for the life sciences industry, announced its further expansion into Latin America with the opening of a new manufacturing facility for the production of CCT Thermal Covers, powered by Tyvek®, in Montevideo (Uruguay).

The new regional manufacturing site, which is expected to start operations by September 2022, will enhance service for customers in the life sciences industry by manufacturing CCT Thermal Covers locally. Latin America is a key growth market for CCT as it continues expansion worldwide. With more than 50 years of ensuring product safety in transit, CCT has built a reputation as the industry’s most innovative and reliable provider to the largest global life sciences companies and distributors.

“By being global and acting local, we ensure that we are providing best-in-class services and products while enhancing our operational capabilities within the Latin American region to support the needs of our clients,” said Vanessa Burri, CCT Regional Sales Director for Latin America.

Kristof De Smedt, Global Business Unit Director for the CCT Thermal Covers Business Unit, stated, “We are extremely proud to further expand our global manufacturing network with a new conversion site in Uruguay in order to provide CCT’s thermal covers throughout the entire Latin American region. CCT Thermal Covers, powered by Tyvek®, are validated in a wide variety of distribution applications worldwide to secure integrity and efficacy of temperature-sensitive healthcare and life science products, including the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Vitamin D deficiency linked to higher risk of miscarriage

09 June 2022 – Women with low vitamin D levels are at significantly increased risk of miscarriage, a new study reveals.

Scientists say that assessing vitamin D levels and treating deficiency before conception may offer greater benefit compared to only taking vitamin D during the first trimester – but call for more research to confirm this approach. Leia Mais »

Biohaven’s zavegepant nasal spray for migraines set to reach sales of $206.8 million in 2030, says GlobalData

Biohaven’s migraine nasal spray zavegepant is set to generate annual sales of $206.8 million in the US following the potential approval of its NDA, which was received by the FDA last week, according to GlobalData. The leading data and analytics company notes that the drug’s alternative delivery offers it a competitive advantage, but key opinion leaders (KOLs) previously interviewed by GlobalData have voiced concerns over nasal spray side effects and reimbursement. Leia Mais »

Birmingham Biotech and Tanner Pharma Group enter distribution partnership for innovative nasal spray in Latin America

Birmingham, UK, 31st May 2022 Sciad Newswire / Birmingham Biotech Ltd, an innovator in diagnostic tests, protective nasal sprays and mobile medical facilities, and TannerLAC UK Limited (“TannerLAC”), a part of Tanner Pharma Group, have entered into a license agreement for the distribution of Norizite™ Nasal Spray in Latin America. TannerLAC provides pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies with a single-point partner for the commercialization of their products in challenging international markets. Leia Mais »

Open House Beauty: SEA Vision machines and systems on show

The growth in the cosmetics market has gone hand-in-hand with an increase in counterfeiting, causing side-effects on cosmetic companies, such as: loss of profits, brand reputation under attack, compromised long-term trust, not to mention the serious damage caused to consumer health. In this context it is very clear why many companies are asking instruments to actively fight counterfeiting ​to protect their brands. End-to-end Serialization solution provided by SEA Vision is the way to answer to these needs.​ Leia Mais »

ProteoGenix Launches New XtenCHO Transient CHO Expression System to Improve Biologics Development

Schiltigheim, France, 15th March 2022 /  Sciad Newswire / ProteoGenix, a contract research organization specialized in biologics discovery and bioproduction, announces the launch of its XtenCHOTM Transient Expression System. Due to its enhanced plasmid stability and optimized metabolism, the new proprietary mammalian cell-based expression host achieves up to ten times higher yields with less hands-on time compared to existing solutions. The new CHO host aims to simplify recombinant protein production and accelerate early phase drug screening. Leia Mais »

Omicron subvariant, BA.2, poses a serious threat to the efficacy of current therapies

says GlobalData

More research is required to determine whether current Omicron treatments are effective against BA.2—the most transmissible of the Omicron subvariants, says GlobalData. The leading data and analytics company notes that vaccines and therapies should be tested specifically against BA.2 to better prepare for challenges that may lay ahead. BA.2 contains numerous unique mutations compared to its predecessor that may allow it to circumvent immunization and treatment efforts. Leia Mais »

ARV-110’s Phase II data demonstrates clinical value of PROTACs, a next-generation drug class

says GlobalData Leia Mais »

European Commission withdraws MA for Pfizer’s Staquis, causing uncertainty for ‘mild to moderate’ AD treatment

says GlobalData 

The European Commission (EC) withdrew the marketing authorisation (MA) for Pfizer’s topical phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE4), Staquis (crisaborole) in the EU (known as Eucrisa in the US). This highlights a gap in the market for the treatment of ‘mild to moderate’ atopic dermatitis (AD), one that has yet to be filled by an effective topical therapy. Although Staquis was approved in March 2020, it was never launched in Europe, finds GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Ramla Salad, Pharma Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Eucrisa is not approved in Japan, but it has been widely used in the US following its approval in 2016 and is now used in patients as young as three months, which speaks volumes about its safety profile. However, Eucrisa is an expensive therapy, averaging at $3,000 per year for all mild to moderate age groups. This, along with its modest efficacy, may explain the reluctance to reimburse the drug in the EU when assessing the cost/benefit ratio.”

While Eucrisa/Staquis is losing traction in the EU and Japan, there are some new PDE4s being developed. These include Otsuka Pharmaceutical/Medimetriks’ Moizerto (difamilast), which was approved by Japan’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency in September 2021, and Arcutis Biotherapeutics’ roflumilast, which is in late-stage development and aiming to enter the atopic dermatitis (AD) market soon. Both PDE4 inhibitors have shown great efficacy profiles but have failed to completely address the onsite application pain experienced with Eucrisa.

Salad concludes: “Given this level of competition in the market, key opinion leaders (KOLs) interviewed by GlobalData noted that the PDE4 mechanism of action (MOA) is outdated due to the limited class efficacy in this disease. This is because it will be difficult for these agents to differentiate themselves from newer entrants, which includes market disruptors such as Dupixent and oral and topical JAK inhibitors.”

Domainex expands analytical chemistry capabilities with over £1M worth of new Waters equipment

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 3rd March 2022 / Sciad Newswire / Domainex Ltd., a leading integrated medicines research services partner, announces that it has purchased over £1M worth of new Waters equipment to enhance its capabilities in analytical chemistry, bioanalytical sciences and in vitro absorbance, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) assays. The new equipment will allow Domainex to increase its capacity and throughput, supporting its ongoing growth. Leia Mais »

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