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IonsGate Preclinical Services and InSilicoTrials together to innovate drug discovery


he partnership will allow Canada’s CRO to leverage cutting-edge technology provided

by the European HealthTech company, in order to innovate and optimize

preclinical studies


Canada/Europe, 3 February 2022 – Canadian CRO IonsGate Preclinical Services Inc (IonsGate), that is a market leader in preclinical research services, and European life sciences company InSilicoTrials just announced a partnership to leverage innovative technology like Modeling and Simulation.

IonsGate and InSilicoTrials are going to work together in order to optimize preclinical studies relying on innovation and digitalization, as recommended by regulatory bodies – such as FDA and EMA.

InSilicoTrials will provide a complex technology known as Modeling and Simulation to digitalize IonsGate’s drug discovery processes. This will significantly cut the cost and timeframe of preclinical tests while increasing the safety of new molecules.

IonsGate has been conducting ion channels/cell-based assays and tissue-based assays for many years now. Its mission is to characterize proprietary compounds with an integrative approach to cardiac safety and function.  IonsGate’s team of experts in drug safety and discovery is constantly helping pharmaceutical companies with experimental design, production and interpretation of data, and guidance for next steps in the drug discovery process.

InSilicoTrials is the first cloud-based platform that provides healthcare companies with easy-to-use tools to perform computational Modeling and Simulation in drug discovery and development. Simulation is a key factor to cut in vitro and in vivo test costs and shorten the go-to-market of new medicines. This enables pharmaceutical companies and CROs to free resources, do more reseach and in the long run find a higher number of new molecules to treat more diseases.

This partnership will allow to combine IonsGate’s in vitro services with InSilicoTrials’ in silico solutions in a cost-effective and highly reliable way, with the objective of accelerating innovation in drug discovery, for the benefit of thousands of patients worldwide.

“We are delighted to partner with InSilicotrials, a leader in cutting edge computational modelling and simulation. We share the same goal of accelerating drug development by integrating innovative, powerful, and cost effective in silico models to in vitro safety and drug discovery testing”, says Marc Pourrier, Co-founder of IonsGate. We look forward to working closely with the inSilicoTrials team to offer novel advanced solutions to pharma and biotech companies.

“We are very excited at the opportunity of bringing in silico methods to the clients of one of Canada’s most prestigious and respected CROs”, says Luca Emili, CEO and Founder of InSilicoTrials. “Our partner has a reputation for offering the most reliable preclinical research services for drug discovery and safety. We believe adding our in silico solutions to their in vitro assays will accelerate the development of new drugs, improve their safety and innovate the whole R&D process”.

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