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Datwyler makes its debut at fce pharma with high-quality, system-critical components for vaccine providers

Middletown, DE, December 1, 2021 – At FCE Pharma (November 30 – December 2, 2021; São Paulo) Datwyler, (Booth G098) will highlight its high-quality, system-critical elastomer components for injectable drugs such as the COVID-19 vaccine. Since the start of the pandemic, Datwyler has supplied system-critical components including stoppers and aluminum seals to vaccine developers around the world.

 As Latin American countries work to meet vaccine needs for COVID-19 and beyond, Datwyler has mobilized its global manufacturing resources to support vaccine providers by supplying vaccine components from its plants around the world, including those in the United States, Italy, Belgium, Germany and India.

 With its expanded network of FirstLine™ manufacturing facilities including a new plant in Middletown, US, and enlarged capacities at its Indian plant, which marry best-in-class production technologies with fully integrated cleanroom environments, the company provides critical infrastructure to support the fluctuating demand around COVID-19. This past year, Datwyler was recognized by BioNTech as one of its crucial partners in supporting the development of a vaccine for COVID-19.

 “With so many challenges impacting the distribution and access to vaccines in Latin America, it is critical to work with a supplier that not only meets the escalating demands around COVID-19, but also help forge a new, more efficient path to the production of system-critical components for injectable drug packaging moving forward,” said João Monteiro da Gama, Head of Market Development, Latin America. “We are fortunate to have the capacity and capability to support leading pharmaceutical companies of the world in their fight to combat this global pandemic.”

 Datwyler also  developed its StarterPack™, a complete, ready-to-use packaging system that can help create an uninterrupted transition from the drug development stage to commercial launch. Supporting the development of parenteral drugs, the StarterPack™ contains high-performance components offering an ideal sealing compatibility to prevent leaks and other seal integrity concerns throughout manufacturing and handling, helping to minimize challenges along the path to production.

 The time-saving kit contains the company’s OmniFlex® stoppers alongside adaptiQ® vials from SCHOTT. The OmniFlex® stoppers are 100 percent spray coated with a proprietary, inert, no-added silicone, fluoropolymer, providing a robust barrier between drug and rubber to minimize extractables and leachables. Datwyler’s StarterPack™ also contains Datwyler’s PrimeCapsä which are made with the highest quality alloy optimized with an Accurim straight skirt edge that present low bioburden and particulate levels. The combination of the Datwyler OmniFlex® stopper, PrimeCap™, and SCHOTT adaptiQ® glass vial, offers a comprehensive packaging solution to ensure drug efficacy, stability, and, ultimately, patient safety.

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