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Busch China celebrates 20th anniversary

( Maulburg, )

The history of Busch Vacuum Solutions in China can be traced back to 1981. A first contact at the Hanover Fair paved the way for Busch Vacuum Solutions to China. At that time, China was still in transition and the industry of vacuum was just being established. As one of the first Western companies, Dr. Karl Busch and his wife Ayhan set off for the distant country with a vacuum pump in their luggage and at the invitation of Chinese economic officials. After several days of negotiations, a joint venture was founded in 1981. This was only the third joint venture between a Western company and China. The starting signal was given and after many years as a partnership, the independent and wholly owned subsidiary of Busch in China was officially founded in Shanghai in 2001.

Shanghai was then and still is today one of the largest industrial centers in China. The international airport and the port of Shanghai are important trading hubs for Busch. The steady growth and ever-increasing popularity of the vacuum pump manufacturer were the main reasons for moving into Busch’s new headquarters in China in 2017. The Zizhu National High-tech Industrial Development Zone has been home to the Chinese headquarters ever since. In addition to office space, Busch Shanghai has a large and well-equipped workshop for the inspection, maintenance and testing of vacuum pumps, compressors, and blowers of all types. All after-sales services can be carried out quickly and reliably on site. A dedicated System Building Department not only takes care of the construction and design of vacuum systems, but also the installation and commissioning at the customer’s site. This ensures that individual customer requirements are adapted to the strict Busch standards.

During the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in January last year, Busch Shanghai rushed twelve MINK claw vacuum pumps to the hastily constructed hospital -Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital. These pumps were used to supply medical vacuum for Corona patients.

In addition to the medical sector, products from Busch Vacuum Solutions are used in almost all industrial sectors, such as chemicals, semiconductors, medical technology, plastics and the food industry. The Busch Group is a family-owned company whose management remains entirely in the hands of the Busch family to this day. More than 3,500 employees work for Busch Vacuum Solutions in over 60 companies and more than 40 countries worldwide.

Busch is proud to be able to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sales Company in China with an internal event for the employees. It is very important for Busch to be present in the Chinese market with its own products with the best possible quality. Being close to the local customers is just one of the many success factors for Busch in China.

Source: Busch

ESG na indústria passa pelo tratamento da água e efluentes

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Com produção nacional, Blau Farmacêutica obtém registro do primeiro genérico da molécula Sugamadex no Brasil

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