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Corima inaugura fábrica de embalagens farmacêuticas

A nova fábrica da CORIMA foi inaugurada oficialmente neste sábado, em Monteriggioni (Itália), diante de 1.000 convidados. A empresa italiana da região da Toscana produz máquinas para embalar produtos farmacêuticos em ambientes assépticos. Leia Mais »

Mondragon Equipamentos Farmacêuticos fornece dissolutor de comprimidos

A Mondragon Equipamentos Farmacêuticos comercializa o dissolutores de comprimidos com 8 ou 14 vasos. Leia Mais »

Boehringer Ingelheim abre inscrições para seu programa de estágio 2020

Uma das maiores farmacêuticas do mundo oferece oportunidades. Leia Mais »

Produtos naturais aliam longevidade e qualidade de vida

Efeitos do envelhecimento podem ser retardados com tratamentos manipulados e produtos naturais. Leia Mais »

The Marchesini Group invests 7 million Euro in the new factory

CORIMA’s new factory was officially opened Saturday before 1,000 guests. This Tuscan specialist produces machinery for packaging pharmaceuticals in aseptic environments.

Monteriggioni (Siena, Italy) – The 7 million Euro investment has doubled the size of the company’s plant, which now has a further 6,000 square meters of production facilities. The aim is to meet the growing demands of the unstoppable sector even more efficiently and faster, especially for anti-cancer drugs from Eastern countries and above all China. The “aseptic” industry does indeed play a key role in the expansion strategies of the parent company, the Marchesini Group. This multinational enterprise located in Pianoro (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) is among the top four leading manufacturers worldwide of pharmaceutical packaging machines. In 2018, thanks also to CORIMA’s contribution, Marchesini reached a consolidated turnover of 400 million Euro, of which 85% came from exports.

The operation will create 30 new jobs for technicians, in addition to the current 130 employees. Job interviews will commence after the opening event and will continue throughout 2020. The company will be scouting mostly for newly graduated mechanical and electrical technicians and automation and IT engineers.

The inauguration also coincided with the celebrations of CORIMA’S 40th anniversary from its foundation in 1979 by Franco Neri, Aroldo Cappelletti, Dario Anatrini and Mauro Pometti. They wasted no time in launching their machine for filling and sealing vials and it can still be seen today.

In 2003, when the majority shareholding of CORIMA was taken over, Marchesini became the first company in the world to make complete aseptic packaging lines from start to finish, up to the palletization. In 2008, Marchesini inaugurated CORIMA’S factory where it stands today, thus contributing in making it one of the most innovative Italian factories in its sector. This opening is yet another successful achievement for a company that has been adding value to the Made-in-Italy brand and to the production flagship in Tuscany for years.

Maurizio Marchesini, President of the Marchesini Group, was spokesman for the event, alongside Pietro Cassani, CEO of the Group and Massimo Pannini, Director of CORIMA division. The tape was cut before the European MP Carlo Calenda, the mayor of Monteriggioni Andrea Frosini and H.E. Monsignor Augusto Paolo Lojudice, Bishop of the Diocese of Siena.

“This new factory will bring new lifeblood to a uniquely beautiful and historical land” said Maurizio Marchesini. “We are certain this new fellowship between the manufacturing expertise of the Packaging Valley of Emilia-Romagna and the creative genius of Tuscany will further enhance our identity as versatile and reliable manufacturers”.

“A factory that opens is a safe haven in a rough sea” said Carlo Calenda from the stage. “In an increasingly globalized and virtual economic context, Leia Mais »

Sarepta Farmacêutica lança site do projeto ‘Cada Passo Importa’

A Sarepta Farmacêutica acaba de lançar o site “Cada Passo Importa”, portal que reúne as histórias de Edu, personagem desenvolvido em parceria com a Mauricio de Sousa Produções que sofre de Distrofia Muscular de Duchenne, doença rara e degenerativa. Leia Mais »

90% do câncer de mama podem ser curados com diagnóstico precoce

Sociedade Brasileira de Cancerologia alerta que 90% dos cânceres de mama podem ser curados desde que detectados precocemente. Leia Mais »

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